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“There is nothing more unstoppable than the human soul on fire.”




Children’s Global Alliance is a 501(C)3 non-profit program based in Vail, Colorado. The organization was created in 2010 to fill the void of large-scale volunteer experiences for children ages 12-16. This most impressionable age group is capable of extraordinary things, yet rarely trusted with extraordinary opportunities. We cannot stress enough that this program is so much more than a travel experience. We provide a year-round mentorship program that […]

Our Mission


  The mission of Children’s Global Alliance is to infuse the next generation with a sense of global responsibility, promote and foster character and integrity among teenagers, and provide relief and education in developing countries.        



  The future of the Children’s Global Alliance continues to shine brightly. To be able to provide this experience to students from the U.S. while simultaneously helping impoverished children around the world has been my most personal dream come true. This is still only the beginning. I want to provide this opportunity for as many […]

Service Projects

Now helping: Cooperation of Peace Organization Orphanage Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia This orphanage is home to 50 abandoned, abused and orphaned children. In addition to volunteering with the children, we continually strive to educate the director of the orphanage on ways to become self-sustaining. We have had success through helping to develop and maintain a small farm that is providing the orphanage with food, eggs, and pork. Children’s Global Alliance has been a devoted partner with this orphanage supplying food, clothing, medical supplies, livestock, and much needed love from our student volunteers.  New for 2012, we have partnered with 2 more orphanages in and around Phnom Penh, children who live in the trash dump and a struggling school located within the slums. Our goal is to “share the love” in as many facilities as we possibly can. Now helping: Escuela Especial Sor Maria Romero Location: Rivas, Nicaragua This school for special needs students is... 

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Get involved.

In 2016 we will take service trips to work with children in Cambodia, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Nepal and Morocco. Our application process is now closed.  Our programs are open to any student, anywhere in the world, from 12-17 years old.  Please email us at to receive information on how to apply for our program in 2016. Thank you for  your support!  Read More →


In the news…

 Special thanks to the Vail Daily for covering our story prior to our trips to Cambodia and Nicaragua, check out the articles by clicking here.      You can read the follow up interview, after our return from Cambodia, here.  Read More →


Featured country.

Nicaragua-   By Laura Fiorilli- Nicaragua’s disabled children live in the shadowy corners of a struggling society. Gustavo Hernandez, 25, stricken since age 6 by cerebral palsy caused by a medical mistake, grew up lying in bed under a leaking roof. Esther Jacqueline Abuto Cruz, 15, born mentally retarded and malnourished to a 48-year-old mother, paces the concrete floor of the home she shares with nine others. When she gets moody or bored, she sometimes lashes out at her infant cousins. Roberto... 

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  • My why. October 5, 2015
    With countries that vary so drastically with landscapes and customs, people and traditions, you would think that similarities would be hard to find. After traveling the world this summer and being amongst some of the most needy people in the world, I can tell you, without question, that the only thing that separates us are […]
  • Untitled June 17, 2015
    “Om Mani Padme Hung, Om Mani Padme hung” the mantra that is observed on temples and prayer wheels throughout Nepal and carried through the streets by the chanting of this hauntingly beautiful mantra.  Originating from Tibbetan Buddhism, it’s meaning is complex and cannot be translated into a simple phrase or even a few sentences.  The […]

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