Children’s Global Alliance is a 501(C)3 non-profit program based in Vail, Colorado. The organization was created in 2010 to fill the void of large-scale volunteer experiences for children ages 12-16. This most impressionable age group is capable of extraordinary things, yet rarely trusted with extraordinary opportunities. We cannot stress enough that this program is so much more than a travel experience. We provide a year-round mentorship program that focuses on creating the future leaders in our community. We promote and focus on character and integrity building, emotional maturity, decision making as a teenager and becoming responsible, educated and compassionate citizens, right here at home. This is a positive experience that provides our youth the opportunity to become truly selfless individuals.

The objective of our organization is to offer service-learning opportunities for students from the United States to some of the world’s most poverty stricken countries, while working on their growth and development as human beings. While in these countries, students are able to volunteer with the poor and sometimes orphaned children who live there. Children’s Global Alliance gives student volunteers unparalleled hands-on experience and allows them to be immersed in a completely different way of life. Our young volunteers are able to witness an up close and personal example of what life is like for children living in poverty. The volunteers also gain a greater appreciation for their own circumstances that lasts long after they return home.  We are currently working with an orphanage in Cambodia, a school for children with special needs in Nicaragua, and schools in Tanzania, Nepal and Morocco.

The growth that former student volunteers have experienced is immeasurable. Children’s Global Alliance gives student volunteers the platform to reach further and accomplish more than they ever have. Being able to simultaneously help the children in developing countries with clothing, food, medical supplies and funding has also brought immense joy and much needed relief to these parts of the world.


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  • My why. October 5, 2015
    With countries that vary so drastically with landscapes and customs, people and traditions, you would think that similarities would be hard to find. After traveling the world this summer and being amongst some of the most needy people in the world, I can tell you, without question, that the only thing that separates us are […]
  • Untitled June 17, 2015
    “Om Mani Padme Hung, Om Mani Padme hung” the mantra that is observed on temples and prayer wheels throughout Nepal and carried through the streets by the chanting of this hauntingly beautiful mantra.  Originating from Tibbetan Buddhism, it’s meaning is complex and cannot be translated into a simple phrase or even a few sentences.  The […]

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