Service Projects

Now helping: Cooperation of Peace Organization Orphanage

    • Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
      • This orphanage is home to 50 abandoned, abused and orphaned children. In addition to volunteering with the children, we continually strive to educate the director of the orphanage on ways to become self-sustaining. We have had success through helping to develop and maintain a small farm that is providing the orphanage with food, eggs, and pork. Children’s Global Alliance has been a devoted partner with this orphanage supplying food, clothing, medical supplies, livestock, and much needed love from our student volunteers. 
      • New for 2012, we have partnered with 2 more orphanages in and around Phnom Penh, children who live in the trash dump and a struggling school located within the slums. Our goal is to “share the love” in as many facilities as we possibly can.

Now helping: Escuela Especial Sor Maria Romero

    • Location: Rivas, Nicaragua
        • This school for special needs students is home to 87 students with different developmental and educational needs.  Twenty of its students are so disabled that they cannot attend school so we will be volunteering in their homes.  The school is serving a grossly under-funded and under-appreciated demographic in this country where, in some families, having a disabled child is worse than death. Many times, these children are left to fend for themselves. They receive minimal funding from the government and its location makes it immensely unpopular for volunteers. They need us!

Now helping: L.O.A.M.O English medium school

    • Location: Arusha, Tanzania
      • This school serves 250 children, baby class through grade 7. Their approach includes helping local children attend school and paying whatever their family can afford, if anything, each month. Over half of the students who attend this school are on scholarship from the founder, Maria, who started the school in her living room in 2001. They also provide children with educational opportunities outside of school and a safe place to learn. This exceedingly humble school is a beacon of hope in a needy community. This school survives on the passion and hard work of the founder and dedicated staff members.  Our student volunteers teach in the classrooms, participate in home visits and are also able to experience some local orphanages in Arusha. We include a cultural experience on our last weekend in Tanzania.

Now Helping: Deeya Shree school

            Location: Bhaktapur, Nepal

                    This school serves children from the Manahari slums, located a half a mile from this extremely humble school. With classrooms separated by particle board and no electricity,  every day is a challenge for the staff. This school is home to 140 students, nursery school thru grade 6, and 9 teachers. It is run by the Nepal volunteer council who hopes to give these kids, with all the odds stacked against them, a chance to make something of themselves. Our student volunteers teach daily, participate in home visits, and are helping families recover from the devastating earthquakes in 2015.

Now Helping: Abde Salan Mid-high school

            Location: Rabat, Morocco

                     This school serves children from the old medina in Rabat,  the capital city of Morocco. The school houses 520 children in grades 7-9, in 20 classrooms. This school struggles with a high drop out rate, a mandated curriculum that the teachers don’t believe in, and not enough staff to cover the basic needs of the school.  Our volunteers will be developing the very first ESL program for this school, and will be teaching daily, participating in home visits, and uncovering the mystery and misunderstandings that lie deep within this complicated country.





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