There is not a day that goes by or even an hour that I don’t think about the children at CHA. I miss their smiles, the best hugs in the world, and their beautiful amazing personalities. Every time I think about David, Dina, Witchka, Taupe, Sok-Nee, and all the other little reasons for living, I smile. They each have a chunk of my heart and it can never be replaced by anything or anyone else! I love them so much!

I cannot thank Lisamarie Howell-founder of Children’s Global Alliance enough for this oppurtunity of a lifetime! I feel as if the memories I created are engraved in head and heart forever and the lessons I learned, will remain with me.

Anna Trombetta-13 years old, student volunteer

Cambodia 2011

 From the moment Anna heard about this opportunity to travel to Cambodia with CGA and work in an orphanage, she knew she wanted to be part of it. Lisamarie Howell founder of CGA, did not miss one detail! The fundraising on an individual basis as well as the group effort to raise funds, educating the group of students on what to expect and the history of the area – the students were well prepared for this life changing journey. Not only did the experience affect the amazing children at CHA, but the positive impact it had on the volunteer students was incredible to see! Thank you LM for all you do!

Jana & Steve Trombetta-Parents of student volunteer Anna

Cambodia 2011

 Survival mode-24 hours a day, every day of the year. These 10 days we’ve been here…the kids have been able to step out of survival mode and enjoy life. During these 10 days we lightened their load…instead of sweeping the floors and mopping, they got to play soccer with Tabor and Jack. Instead of sitting alone in the corner, they got to color and draw with Kassie, Anna and Nina. The kids love our kids. As a token of appreciation, they’ve created handmade bracelets and rings for us. In turn, we’ve supplied them with fresh fruit , veggies, and tons of love. For the orphanage children, it will be back to survival mode on Saturday…it kills me to think about this. I feel the sadness throughout my body; it’s overwhelming as I sit here on the computer. I breathe. I shed a tear. I breathe again. I will come back. This is only the beginning.

Jen Gutmann-Volunteer teacher

Cambodia 2011

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